The Evolution of Crypto Investing

Jun 12, 2019 · 2 min read
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Crypto asset managers are pioneers in today’s finance landscape; managing risky assets with new attributes, minimal infrastructure, and emerging best practices. This environment has forced fund managers to develop new behaviors and strategies to deploy capital in a way that leverages the unique capabilities of these instruments. As a result, managers have faced a steep learning curve, the grade of which has been set by the technical nature of these assets and their idiosyncrasies relative to traditional assets.

What has the rapid development of cryptoassets meant for investors? What might the future hold?

To better understand the learning curve of crypto investing — along with its implied relationships and emerging investment strategies — the IDEO CoLab Ventures team conducted a round of research with some of the industry’s top cryptocurrency funds that focused on the nature of professional investor participation in this new market. This is a topic of particular interest because cryptoassets are participatory by nature. This allows investors to engage with — and support — their investments in new ways from economic, technical, and social perspectives.

It is through this lens of participation — and its various facets — that we observe the landscape of cryptoasset funds to present a range of emerging trends and opportunities.

Dive into the research over at

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