Drawing Attention

Some elements of daily life are making the leap from real world to online, while others are being outpaced by digital innovations.

Recently, Pinterest has reached critical mass online. Making scrapbooks more relevant and powerful digitally, over 10 million individuals, brands, and even the US Army are now pinning away, sharing themes or images that catch their eye. But what about words? Fifty years ago, the highlighter changed the way people noted important text; today, in an increasingly visual digital world, how will meaningful words and concepts be called out and “pinned”? Other physical to digital reinterpretations may be possible for the Rubik’s cubes and Legos of the world; just look at the classic web 1.0 game Virtual Bubble Wrap, now a mobile app, too. Other staples of culture, like signatures, are simply dying out. What aspects of life or tools do you think should be parlayed online, or perhaps, can never be replaced?

This post originally appeared on www.clickideon.com

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