Engendering Love

In a personalized space like mobile, apps that tap our deepest behavioral drivers will have an edge at winning our hearts — and dollars. Banking apps like GoBank and Simple are snatching up college grad accounts with slick interfaces and tools like “Fortune Teller” to make budgeting fun. Meanwhile established players like Citi are catching up to allow balance and transaction checks without needing to log in. In retail, Home Depot’s apps are creating greater engagement by helping customers learn about products, while Banana Republic is partnering with a body-scanning app to transform your phone into a personal shopper. And what about apps for the most personal experience of all, dating? Tinder is revolutionizing the singles scene — including among Olympians — by eliminating the risk of rejection and speeding up potential matches by gamifying date-selection. Its success has even spawned an app for use in recruitment, which can radically speed up referrals and potentially alter how people get hired. Much more than mere brand extensions, apps are already re-shaping our lives.

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