Rebooting “Made in the USA”

Urban growth and a manufacturing renaissance may signal a brighter future for the U.S. than formerly imagined.

Amidst the hubbub over whether the U.S. in decline — spurred in part by new books by Ed Luce, Niall Ferguson and Ian Bremmer — McKinsey reported on the standout strength of US cities. The report says that by 2025, New York and L.A. will be the world’s second and fourth largest cities, by GDP. McKinsey also noted the growth potential of America’s top 28 welterweight cities, and it’s this middle layer that Fast Company’s United States of Innovation issue sees as home to some of the most attractive entrepreneurial advantages. And growth won’t just come from service jobs. A fascinating special report from The Economist points to a third industrial revolution, fueled by digital processes like 3D printing and software innovations, that may bring manufacturing back home. These radical production changes will make New York, L.A. and the 28 cities more important than ever for brands. What do you think?