Toggling the Mind

It is a mind-bending time. With recent advances in neuroscience, researchers can affect the inner workings of the brain. What does this mean for brands?

Scientists now understand what creates behaviors such as aggression, response to stress, attachment to others, resilience and persistence. This points to a world where we can toggle the pathways of our minds to be less encumbered, more unharnessed, more open to innovation. Think of GE’s new ad that offers a breath-taking future where trees bend into trains and planes sprout wings. Buick and music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider collaborated on a Youtube video that echoes the way the mind connects with cars, forming a rhythm section out of millennials dribbling basketballs, slamming car doors and revving the turbo engine of a Regal GS.

If scientists can flip the switches to free our minds, the question is, which brands will take us on the most profound new journeys?

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