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Cosmos, IDEP, and Augmented Reality

A soft introduction to SpaceTime.

The next natural technological evolution is here. It is built upon advancements in technology from the past, where we started with desktops from 40 years ago and advanced to laptops, and eventually the venerable mobile devices. As you may have noticed by Apple’s ‘new’ iPhones coming out each year our mobile technology is essentially being maxed. That is to say that, mobile technology is fairly limited, and only so much processing power can be squeezed into it.

Knowing this, which platform or combination of emerging technologies can we turn too, that offer limitless potential?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a tool that has inaugurated the next phase of the technological revolution. By the power of AR, we have enhanced the way we view the world around us with the help of wearables such as glasses and mobile devices, of course. Because of its limitless potential, we are entering a paradigm where the rate of digitalization is ever increasing. AR experiences have been augmented by the induction of blockchain technology in recent years, and this has spiked some rather interesting epiphanies.

Blockchain technology has been the basis of developing decentralized apps (dApps) to provide sovereign and censorship resistant experiences to customers. While still basing on blockchain technology, DeFi (decentralized finance) systems have grown massively in popularity over the past few years. DeFi has proven how dapps can quickly make traditional banking irrelevant and seem old school, almost archaic. We cannot talk about DeFi without mentioning the NFTs, the most trendy and rapidly growing technology in the crypto-sphere.

When NFTs first came out they were seen as the awkward stepchild of the Defi space, not until recently have we seen a truly impressive explosion of different NFT use-cases and their projects. NFTs are made to be purchased on decentralized stores but not many use cases exists besides displaying them on a website or reselling them for a profit.

Looking back at these core blockchain concepts we found ourselves at a fundamental question; how do we elevate the NFT experience by bringing out the fullness of digital art and gameplay? And most importantly, how do we position virtual experiences to adapt to the ever-increasing digitalization of our world? The need to empower users with a platform that decentralizes and democratizes augmented reality experiences soon became apparent to use.

This is where the IDEP Network comes in; an NFT2.0 focused on implementing purpose-driven blockchain on digital media. IDEP Network is part of Cosmos (the internet of blockchains). It is built with the same Tendermint consensus engine as Cosmos Hub. IDEP is focused on marshaling the era of AR NFT2.0 by creating a premier digital media-focused ecosystem on Cosmos. How does it hope to accomplish this?

IDEP Network is building virtual infrastructure and standards for Augmented Reality in the Cosmos ecosystem allowing IBC enabled blockchains to gain access to and use our Augmented Reality world we internally dubbed “SpaceTime”.

SpaceTime is not a single standard or dapp that can fully encompass what we are building. It’s more of an ecosystem of different moving parts and standards that help shape and create a truly open-source augmented reality world for the Cosmos ecosystem. This ecosystem of applications hopes to allow developers to quickly create any form of NFTs and attach them to their games and dapps which are linked to the augmented world. We have created several SDKs that will be released throughout next year to enable developers to create intricate NFTs (both physical and digital or hybrids) and customize them according to various parameters.

Just like DeFi and all that blockchain stands for, the system of governance, ownership of assets, and reputation system are meant to be decentralized. Created profiles will serve as smart contracts making identities permanent. The same identities will be applicable across multiple platforms. We also aim to provide liquidity to the native NFT2.0 and other tokens thereby creating a flourishing market in the ecosystem.

Over the next year, we will be releasing a breadth of interesting applications and standards that we know will have a positive impact on NFT projects and creators.

Since the IDEP network is part of Cosmos, all of this will be available to other IBC enabled blockchains. IDEP aims to expedite the early-stage development of the blockchain to create the ecosystem and subsequently invite developers to build the biggest augmented reality community governed by blockchain.

We also plan to take the next step and invigorate these communities to start thinking about what can be built and created using SpaceTime. We at IDEP are extremely excited about the future and hope to show so much more in 2022!



IDEP is revolutionizing decentralized digital media by creating new standards and tools to enable a blockchain-based digital content economy.

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