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IDEP Network November 2021 Update

IDEP November Update

Hello community! We are glad to have you join us for our monthly update.
The launch of Incentivized testnet Sanford has been a complete success 🚀 and we hope it will help us improve our infrastructure in preparation for Mainnet Antora. We have had setbacks regarding integration of Desmos Network profiles, but worry not! 😃 We are working on a possible solution and will update the community as soon as we have a clear path. We are hard at work with SpaceTime 👾 and will be releasing more details over the next several months. Our Uptake module should be receiving some much needed love next month via clear documentation 📚. Functionality for querying individual NFTs will also be available soon™. Very beta version of our IDEP.js javascript SDK should be open sourced sometime in December thanks to radekpies#5365 (if anyone is interested in contributing please let us know in our Discord server) All in all not a bad month for the core IDEP team, several big announcements coming next month so stay tuned!

Network Status:

Incentivized Testnet Sanford has launched with over 150 incentivized validators participating and we are well into Phase 1 of the event! There are still some seats left over due to inactive participants (if you have been selected dont forget to claim your testnet tokens) new seats will be distributed towards the end of the week. We would like give a shoutout to our friends at Trivium Node who have so graciously prepared a IBC relayer with Secret Network which will be used in the next phase of Testnet Sanford! 👏 👏

Testnet Denali will officially sunset towards the end of December 2021, an official announcement will be made sometime next month.

Mainnet Antora will launch Q1 in 2022.

Our public sale (U.T.D.E) will be announced next month!

(shhhh 🤫 its a Secret)


There has been many questions regarding the tokenomics of IDEP Network and we have published a brief article on this topic which can be found here.

Current development progress:

NFT module Uptake ✅

WASM module ✅

Integration with Desmos ❌
(Use of Desmos profiles via IBC is not currently feasible due to IBC limitation, we plan to revisit this as soon as architecture allows.)


EVM module 🛠

Senary app 🛠️

SpaceTime 🛠️

Projects building on IDEP:

Project 1 (unannounced)

Project 2 (unannounced)

We are actively looking for projects to onboard onto IDEP, if you are interested please reach out to the team in discord.


IDEP Network is still looking for genesis mainnet professional validators if you are interested please reach out to the team in discord.

Make sure to follow us on our socials to catch the latest 😎








IDEP is revolutionizing decentralized digital media by creating new standards and tools to enable a blockchain-based digital content economy.

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