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Incentivized Testnet Sanford is here!

Incentivized Testnet Sanford with over 680,000 IDEP in prizes 🎁

All sanford event announcements will be relayed to the community through our discord server

🌎 Overview:

Launch Date:- November 22, 2021 at 6 PM UTC

End Date: December 20, 2021 at 6 PM UTC

Duration:- 6 weeks

Structure: 3 time based phases and 3 stand-alone events.

Mainnet Total Rewards:- 680,000 IDEP

Unbonding Period: 2 Days

Total Supply: 1,000,000 IDEP

Validators: 200

The Inflation:

  • Starting Value:- 13%
  • Minimum Value:- 7.5%
  • Maximum Value:- 25%


  • Minimum deposit for governance proposal: 1000 IDEP
  • Voting Period:- 3 days
  • Deposit Period:- 3 days

Slashing Percentage:-

  • Unjailed:- 0.01%
  • Governance Proposal Slashing:- 0.01%


Although there is no minimum system requirements you can use the following as a rough guide:

  • Latest Version of Ubuntu
  • 2 CPU Processor
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 150 GB Storage

Stand-alone Events:

Stand-alone events will not be limited to phases and will last the entire 6 weeks of the event.

🎁 Game of Uptime — Produce the longest consecutive number of blocks in Sanford and receive an ultra-rare 1 of 1 3D NFT.

🎁 Uptake Hackathon — Create a front end for the Uptake NFT module and enter for a chance to win 50000–100000 IDEP. (Only 1 participant will win)

🎁 Validator Royale — The top 10 validators who propose the most number of blocks will be eligible to receive a 100k IDEP delegation for 1 year from the IDEP Foundation if they create a validator during mainnet with a minimum of 20000 IDEP.

⏱ Phase 1 — Horizon (finishes December 6)

IDEP Network onboarding for Validators and users, focussing on account creation, hardware provisioning, node syncing, and governance.

Only pre-selected users will qualify to earn for completing the tasks.

Total amount available per user:

  • Up to 950 IDEP per validator.

1. Validator

  • Setup an IDEP Validator
  • Reward 200 IDEP

2. Uptime

  • Maintain an 80% uptime for the remainder of Phase 1
  • Reward 200 IDEP

3. NFT

  • Create a denom with 10 Unique NFT collections
  • Reward 200 IDEP

4. Governance

  • Vote on the Governance Proposal for on-chain upgrade
  • Reward 250 IDEP

The date and time for the network upgrade will be announced in the 💎-testnet-sanford channel in our discord.

5. Twitter Post

  • Create unique Twitter Post in any language with the tags
    #IDEP $ATOM #NFTs #nftart #cosmos #blockchain @idepnetwork
    describing one one task you have to complete in phase 1.
  • Reward 50 IDEP

6. Medium Article

  • Create a unique medium article in any language and tag IDEP. The article should be related to a task that you completed during phase one.
  • Reward 50 IDEP

Upon completion of each task please submit your evidence to the link provided in the IDEP Discord 🕒-phase-1-form channel. Tasks will be monitored by the team and validated on-chain for completion.




IDEP is revolutionizing decentralized digital media by creating new standards and tools to enable a blockchain-based digital content economy.

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