Connecting your MetaMask account to IDEX

Philip Wearn
Nov 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Here’s how to connect your wallet through MetaMask on IDEX.

Step 1 — Install MetaMask

Install MetaMask in your browser and set it up.

Step 2 — Visit IDEX

Go to You will be met with a welcome message that gives the basic information you need. Read this before going forward.

Step 3 — Explore

Click “Explore” if you’d like to see IDEX before signing in. Or click “Unlock Wallet” to skip to the next step.

Step 4 — Unlock Wallet

Once you have explored IDEX and are ready to sign in click “Unlock Wallet” in the upper right.

Step 5 — Sign into MetaMask

Make sure you are signed in on MetaMask if you haven’t already.

Step 6 — Select MetaMask Method

Once you have made sure MetaMask is unlocked chose the Metamask option under “Access your Wallet” and then click “Unlock MetaMask.”

Step 7 — Unlock

Congratulations! You are now signed into IDEX and can now deposit tokens. Once you have deposited you can start trading!

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Philip Wearn

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Co-Founder and COO of Decentralized Capital, former Co-Founder of EtherEx, long time EtherHead



#1 DEX on Ethereum

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