IDEX 2.0 Demo Trading Competition

Dec 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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We’ve just released a demo of our next generation non-custodial exchange, IDEX!

To accompany the demo launch, we are hosting a 1-week trade competition that is completely free! The competition runs from December 16th through December 23rd with over 50 prizes totaling $200k+ USD.

How it works:

  1. Participants can register to enter at any time up until the end of the Contest Period.
  2. Upon entry, participants are credited with $100,000 in trading funds.
  3. Participants who sign up with a valid referral code are credited with an additional $10,000 in trading funds
  4. IDEX places large buy and sell limit orders on both sides of the spot price for the markets offered in the competition. Contestants trade against these orders to increase their USD position.
  5. Participants are ranked by the USD size of the portfolio associated with their account. The account with the largest portfolio wins the grand prize. Accounts ranked 2nd — 50th can also win smaller prizes.


Grand Prizes (2): The participant with the largest portfolio will receive a 10,000,000 IDEX node for one (1) full calendar year. The referrer of the winner will also win the same grand prize.

Prize Tiers (49): Forty-nine (49) participants by order of portfolio size will receive a combined 2.850,000 IDEX tokens that are applied to nodes for one (1) full calendar year. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 2nd place: 1,000,000 IDEX node
  • 3rd place: 500,000 IDEX node
  • 4th — 10th place: 50,000 IDEX node
  • 11th — 20th place: 40,000 IDEX node
  • 21st — 30th place: 30,000 IDEX node
  • 31st — 40th place: 20,000 IDEX node
  • 41st — 50th place: 10,000 IDEX node

To enter the competition please sign up on the competition website. To learn more about the trading competition, please see the FAQ.

Happy trading!



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