Alex Wearn
Sep 29, 2017 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce the beta launch of IDEX, the fastest and most user friendly decentralized Ethereum exchange available. With support for market orders, instant order books, and instant gas-free cancels, IDEX provides traders with the speed of a centralized exchange combined with the ironclad security of decentralization (including support for MetaMask and Ledger Wallet).

We’re live on the mainnet with support for over 200 tokens: Start trading immediately!

Watch this short video to see the real-time trading experience on IDEX:

IDEX Video Demo

Real-time Exchange

IDEX is the only decentralized exchange with real-time, high-throughput trading. IDEX combines the experience of a centralized exchange with the security of blockchain-based settlement.

On IDEX user’s can:

  1. Trade continuously across multiple markets without waiting for transactions to mine
  2. Place true market orders and fill multiple orders at once
  3. Cancel orders immediately and without gas costs

Securely Unlock your Wallet

Unlock options

All you need to access IDEX is an Ethereum account. IDEX provides users with multiple options for interfacing with the exchange:

  1. Fast — Store your encrypted private key locally in your browser. This method provides the best UX, matching that of centralized exchanges and enabling traders to execute anywhere from 20 to 50 trades per second. Local storage is the same approach used by other popular products such as MyEtherWallet.
  2. Secure — Utilize your Ledger hardware wallet for the most secure trading experience as your private keys never leave the device. Users can trade as quickly as they can confirm orders on the ledger, with multiple trades per second.
  3. User-Friendly — Trade via MetaMask, the easy-to-use browser plugin. MetaMask provides a secure and familiar experience while still giving users most of the improvements in speed and usability.

Stay tuned and join the discussion on Discord, sign-up for our newsletter, visit us on Bitcointalk, or follow us on Twitter to learn more about Aurora IDEX and our IDEX market making rewards program.


#1 DEX on Ethereum

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#1 DEX on Ethereum

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