IDEX Product Update (Week of 8/13/2018)

We wanted to take a moment to fill our community in on some recent improvements to the IDEX platform.

IDEX Platform Updates

  • Upgraded trade dispatching: IDEX’s trade dispatching process has been improved to allow for much easier scaling. This means users will see more stable transaction dispatching, and in the case we need to debug our dispatcher, there will no longer be IDEX downtime.
  • Enhanced charts: The exchange charts have been updated with a newer version of TradingView that includes more features such as light and dark themes. Switching between markets is a smoother experience as well (i.e. no flashing icons)
  • Inactive tabs load much less data: Once an IDEX browser tab is no longer active, it will load much reduced data after a short period of time. Markets will no longer load all trades in the background of an inactive IDEX window. The price in the tab title will still update every ~4 minutes while inactive (instead of every 20 seconds when the tab is active). This will significantly reduce the CPU and memory usage on client devices.

We look forward to sharing more exciting developments, including details on the alpha release of our AURA staking client with you in the coming weeks. If you are interested in discussing AURA staking with our growing community in the meantime, we encourage you to join the official Discord chat channel today.

Happy trading!

~The Aurora (IDEX) Team

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