Shared Vision, Shared Success — A Keystone for Progress

Alex Wearn
Sep 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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At IDEX, our mission is to improve digital asset liquidity and financial inclusivity by providing the most secure, compliant, and democratizing platform to exchange digital assets. In the last few weeks, we’ve made several important moves toward achieving this goal, from our integration with CCXT to connecting hundreds of thousands of Coinbase Wallet users to IDEX.

We’re still a long way off from “mission accomplished,” but we do believe we’re closer than ever. IDEX currently provides users with near-instant, seamless trading with over 450 trade pairs and zero compromises on custody and safety. We’re leading the charge for DEXs, but we’ve also found that our team is far from alone in our pursuit.

Following extensive discussion and debate, we’ve found incredible synergy and invaluable opportunities in considering expansion into other blockchains and frameworks. We intentionally did not rush this process and have been carefully conducting research. We need to meet the expectations of our users and community, and that ultimately means growth powered by strategic alliances.

Our strategy to expand IDEX into other frameworks involves three critical considerations:


At IDEX, we envision a future in which financial power, opportunity, and accessibility rests in the hands of the people. We believe it’s critical that the projects we choose to work with share our vision. It’s only by demonstrating a commitment to these principles that the industry will move forward.


Collaborations are often a sum of their parts. By considering only projects that have already made strides on the technical front, we hope to exponentially increase the effectiveness of our work together.


Working in a complex space requires a world-class team that’s joined by a clear vision. The ultimate success of any collaboration is the combined efforts of these people and we intend to only join the very best.

Collaboration will take us leaps and bounds further than where we are today. When teams work together toward a common goal under a shared vision, they can create a profound impact. As we seek to democratize financial power, opportunity, and accessibility, it’s important for us to remember that a shared vision is shared success.

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