You’re Invited: Take the IDEX 2.0 Demo for a Test Drive

Dec 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Your first chance to get your hands on IDEX 2.0 starts today with the IDEX 2.0 demo!

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IDEX 2.0 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned during the last two years running the world’s most successful DEX. We’ve applied all of the knowledge gained to a complete rebuild that pushes the boundaries of non-custodial trading. Features include an innovative layer-2 scaling solution, O2 Rollup (O2R), that allows for unbounded scalability, an off-chain matching engine, and a revamped UI/UX that competes with the best exchanges on the market. Traders can expect a seamless, fast, and secure experience with zero compromises.

The real innovation behind IDEX 2.0 lies in our rollup design. O2 Rollup is the only layer-2 scaling solution that scales transaction throughput to the levels demanded by high-performance exchanges. O2R is unique in its approach because it settles trades in batches (rather than individually) to the Ethereum network and settlement costs are entirely independent of the number of trades (unbounded scalability). This is in contrast to Optimistic Rollup, which is limited in scale by the number of transactions that can be published in the call data, or ZK Rollup which is limited by the size of the zero-knowledge proof.


The IDEX 2.0 demo operates on the Ropsten testnet. Upon navigating to the demo website, the system will generate a new account and credit you with testnet funds. This allows you to test drive the new platform and take a peek at the future of trading.

All trading activity is stored off-chain in the O2R layer-2 system. Every 10 minutes, the system dispatches a Merkle root that includes all of the recent trades to the Ropsten contracts for settlement.

The IDEX 2.0 Demo is currently available only on desktop. Other features, such as API and mobile access, will be released in the coming weeks.


The IDEX token plays a key role in operating IDEX 2.0’s layer-2 network. Validator nodes stake the IDEX token as collateral in order to secure the system. In return, IDEX stakers are compensated with 50% of IDEX trade fees. In addition to constant payment for providing security services, stakers are also eligible to claim a large pool of IDEX tokens in the event that they detect and stop fraudulent activity on the layer-2 network.


IDEX 2.0 will host a demo trading competition! Starting December 16th, join other traders to compete for $100,000+ in prizes. Learn more about the trading competition at


IDEX 2.0 launches in early 2020, with a beta launch announcement coming soon. Be on the lookout for more as we ramp up for the release!

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