Microsoft launched ‘made in India’ app Kaizala in the country

The app Kaizala will be beneficial for the enterprises even in remote locations with 2G optimisation

Microsoft India has just launched an app named Kaizala, which is an entirely “made in India” app for the businesses to become more productive

Microsoft India has officially launched ‘Kaizala’ app on Wednesday to let the businesses become more productive. Kaizala is a ‘made in India’ app, which has been designed for large group communications and work management, even for remote locations with 2G optimisation.

‘Kaizala’ is powered by Azure Cloud platform and it would help organisations to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and complete tasks and bring together desktop users and mobile-only users from within or outside of the organisations.

The company also announced the launch of ‘Kaizala Pro’ — an enterprise version of the said app that allows organisations to have full administrative control of their groups.

‘Kaizala’ is now available in India as a free download on iOS and Android phones. ‘Kaizala Pro’ is available for purchase on both the platforms at a list price of Rs 130 per user per month.

“‘Kaizala’ brings together the two disparate worlds of mobile only messaging apps and a digitally integrated modern workplace. The product will make it possible for organisations to interact with everyone both within and outside, seamlessly and with rich content,” Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, told reporters. “Kaizala has been optimised for 2G networks to enable connectivity in remote locations and offers features with offline support,” he added.