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A year full of Idle DAO

We are happy to celebrate an important milestone with all of you: 1 year of Idle DAO!

Time has flown by and looking back we are proud to see how many things have been conceived, built, and discussed together with the whole community and the Leagues’ contributors.

We couldn’t ever have reached this without the full support of our community and the people who have run Idle’s daily operations so far with Leagues.

But, let’s go in order, we have something to tell you about this journey.

When it all started: November 26th, 2020

The team’s mission has always been to create a financial infrastructure to give access to DeFi instruments through institutional-grade experiences and developer-friendly infrastructure, providing investors and builders with the tools they need to create easy and accessible yield-generating experiences for their funds and users. Hence, the idea and deployment of the Idle Yield Optimization protocol.

We then felt that the moment to decentralize the ownership of our protocol has come. Together with our community, investors, and founding team, we started sailing the Idle ship toward total decentralization, toward a community-led protocol DAO.

On November 26th, 2020, Idle Governance was officially launched with the aim to transit into decentralized ownership through the help of IDLE, our governance token.

IDLE introduced a governance system that replaced the Idle protocol’s administrator with community governance — allowing any community member to suggest, debate, and implement changes to Idle — without relying on, or requiring, our team whatsoever.

The Idle DAO started to manage its strategic decisions through IIPs (Idle Improvement Proposals), enabling community participants to contribute to the protocol’s future developments.

The Idle DAO Journey

Our path so far has been full of events that have helped with the growth of the ecosystem and the protocol itself, adding day after day new value to the DAO.

Our focus has always been to work with a long-term vision: during this period we have grown a lot, we have released several products and new protocol features and we have outlined and established, a strong base on which to grow in the long run.

Here’s below a list of all the milestones achieved throughout the first year of Idle DAO:

What’s next?

We understood that a reliable governance structure is a fundamental feature to smoothly operate our decentralized protocol, and at the same time, that the community is the engine of the Idle DAO.

We are now approaching the end of the Leagues M3 (Mandate three) and Leagues M4 applications are now open (take the chance to apply: Treasury League, Dev League, C&M League): we will see new contributors join the Idle DAO family before the end of the year.

Leagues’ workspace has been hectic during these last months, with many activities to handle and new ideas to work on. You can follow the current Leagues initiatives and future goals through the Idle DAO Roadmap.

More info about the new roadmap announcement:

Join us

We want to keep building the future of Idle protocol together. Idle holders, contributors, community: you are the engine that drives the DAO forward.

Be a key player in the future of DAO: if you want to suggest a new initiative, join the official governance forum and propose it by creating a new discussion post.

Join our Discord to actively discuss every future step of the Idle DAO

Are you feeling inspired and wanting to contribute to the growth of the Idle ecosystem? Join the Idle Grant Program and receive mentorship and economic support (with up to a $15k grant issued directly by Treasury League) to build and complete your project.



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