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B2B Program Kick-Off

The Idle Governance and Pilot League committee are excited to start the B2B Affiliation Program officially.

Program Outline

Starting from today (April 23rd, 2021), partners integrated with Idle will get additional $IDLE rewards as a share of the fees generated on the protocol.

Partners can join the program anytime, and receive up to 50% of the generated fees by embedding their referral wallet into deposits routed via their product. The Treasury League will periodically execute reward transfers, which will then be replaced by an automated on-chain fee-sharing mechanism.

The program started its journey as a community discussion in the governance forum, and the Temperature Check confirmed budgets and parameters. The Treasury League is in charge of this initiative, and it’s the reference point to help partners integrate the Idle protocol.

The B2B Affiliate Program Overview page functions as the main gateway for prospective integrators: the overview shows program outlines, referral tier structure, and the next steps for protocol implementation. To monitor protocol’s performance and APYs, the Idle stats page is the place to be.

Once per month, during the first week, the Pilot League will send out $IDLE to the partners’ vesting contracts, where they can then claim their rewards. There’s a minimum 500 $IDLE threshold for enabling fee-sharing payment, checked every month.

Integration partners also have a Dune Analytics dashboard to monitor funds, accrued interest, and rewards.

Program Partners

We are stoked to have several top DeFi projects already integrated for the launch with more coming soon. Yearn, Harvest, and WasabiX stand out now with respectively $71M, $70M, and $2.6M deployed; soon to come we have Enzyme, PoolTogether, and SmartDeFi as the next integration partners. Leagues are currently and will be in contact with more than 50 partners, with advanced contacts with some industry leaders. The League team will announce more partnerships during the next mandate.

The program enhances the strategic relationship with existing LPs and is tailored to a wide range of new crypto players.

DeFi wallets and CeFi exchanges can add a new revenue stream to their balance sheet by enabling smart savings accounts on their UI and routing liquidity to Idle protocol.

DeFi protocols like decentralized asset managers and yield-generating products can benefit too from organic competitive APYs boosted by increased overall returns. This new profit stream can be allocated for strategists’ and builders’ incentivization or considered protocol revenues.

With the upcoming $IDLE staking and LP Sushi incentivized pool, it’s possible to leverage the accrued tokens through other programs.

Lastly, DAO treasuries could diversify profit generation via Idle protocol and B2B affiliation.

Uniswap, Synthetix, SushiSwap, and many other DeFi unicorns sit on $1b+ liquidity, partially represented by stablecoins and ETH. A strategic deposit into Idle protocol would create effortless financial autonomy, reducing their protocol performance exposure.

Looking Forward

Idle provides a full suite of DeFi yield products easy to permissionless integrate into your dApp. No need to stitch together disparate protocols or spend months integrating and updating yield functionality.

Whether you’re adding yield to your platform or developing a new concept for yield management, we’re excited to see what you’ll build with Idle.

By adding your referral wallet, you can access our B2B program and follow the documentation to help you launch faster and more effectively. If you want to receive additional support to accelerate your growth, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in:

  • Discord (ask for @Team or @League PMs)
  • Email:



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