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Idle Community Call #3 Recap

The Idle DAO Team recently hosted its third Community Call, but do not worry if you missed it; we have a quick summary below and also a recording of the call to listen back in your own time!

Idle DAO 1st Anniversary

On November 26th, we celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Idle DAOs inception, so Matteo walked us through the journey of creating and growing the Idle DAO structure, driven and supported by the community. From the original pilot league of 6 contributors to 18 contributors by Mandate 3 (M3), the DAO contributors have grown steadily, and we continue to look for talent to help develop the protocol.

We also touched on the Idle Improvement Proposals (IIPs) that have been deployed in the past year as well, including single token staking and adding the Smart Treasury mechanism. Huge achievements and building blocks for the years to come.

We also announced the winners of the Idle anniversary competition — congratulations to everyone who participated in the competition!

M3 Achievements

The team also wanted to highlight some of the achievements we have had during M3 to celebrate all the accomplishments the team has been working on.

M3 Achievements: Treasury League

Emiliano presented the M3 milestones for the Treasury League, highlighting some of the outstanding achievements the team made, including the launching of the B2B Polygon program, collaborating with FEI with the Best Yield and the new Perpetual Yield Tranches, as well as introducing the 3-phased LP staking program on Polygon.

M3 Achievements: Development League

Next up, Davide presented some of the M3 milestones that the Development League drove, including the Idle release on Polygon and the new Perpetual Yield Tranches. Consensys and Certik fully audited the Perpetual Yield Tranches code, obtaining consistent positive feedback.

M3 Achievements: Communication League

Finally, Denis walked the community through the milestones of the Communication League's first full mandate; we included various activities to develop Idle’s communication and marketing tools. Having a dedicated League focusing on communications has increased community engagement and allowed other League Contributors to focus on other areas of expertise.


A huge thanks to the community for supporting the Idle’s DAO 1st year of activities, and we genuinely believe the road of DeFi is long but will be fruitful.

There will be some more exciting updates to bring to the community as we move into the next mandate (M4).

If you are interested in being a contributor to the Idle DAO then please feel free to show your interest in our Forum:

As mentioned, If you missed the call, check out the whole recorded session on the Idle Youtube channel: Idle DAO — Community Call #3 (11/30/21)

See you at the next call!



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