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Idle Grants Program 2.0

We are pleased and excited to announce the release of the new updated version of the Idle Grants Program (IGP 2.0): with this program, we aim to reach more and more potential contributors (dev or not) who can genuinely grow the Idle ecosystem with their experience and passion for the DeFi world.

Visit the official Notion page here.

Our experience

Overall, we are satisfied with the developers who joined Idle DAO ecosystem and the work shipped. In the last edition of the grant program:

We felt this grant program can reach even a broader audience. So we began to investigate ways to foster this.

We were looking for enthusiastic contributors to work on Idle DAO tasks. Reality showed us that we could not reach them in the best way, and we believe this was partially due to a lack of a clear description of DAO and protocol’s needs.

What to change

How to engage someone external to help you in growing the DAO ecosystem and improving the protocol?

We’ve learned the lesson from our own experience: first, get them to understand what they can build.

For this reason, we introduced within the new version of the Idle Grants Program a list of tasks that the protocol and DAO currently need: requests for proposals (RFPs). For each RFPs, there is a description of the work to be done and the relative range of reward (in $IDLE) given in case of final delivery of the work.

All contributors can now browse here a list of currently available tasks to work on.

What if you cannot find something to work on? In that case, you can always apply through the official form proposing a new idea, specifying the category to which it belongs, its timeline, and the budget it requires.

Grant rewards are currently managed as follows:

  • Small-size grants (<$15k): directly issued by the Treasury League and publicly announced only if the contributor is selected;
  • Medium and big-size grants (>$15k): conditional on DAO approval.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the official Idle Grants form;

2. Choose a task to work on:

3. Evaluation time: Leagues’ contributors will reach out to you in order to get more info or to ask more questions in relation to your application

4. Let the DAO know about your application:

  • In the case you applied for an RFP, scroll the grants section of the Idle DAO forum, find the related grant, and post a comment below the discussion to introduce yourself to the community.
  • In the case you are proposing a new idea, you can create a new forum post in the grants section, describing what you want to do.

Join us

Apply to the new Idle Grant Program via the official page and receive mentorship and financial support to build and complete your project.

A successful grant would be a great presentation for those interested in joining the Idle Dev League as core developers (with monthly salaries ranging from $4k to $11k).

Join our Discord to discuss every aspect of the IGP, and ideas for new RFPs.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Idle DAO is a decentralized organization that builds financial products for Web3. We believe that everyone deserves the best for their idle funds, both in terms of returns and risks.

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