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Revealing the Idle DAO Roadmap 2.0

Today we are glad to release the new Idle DAO roadmap. This is a public, transparent and accessible reference to the way forward of the entire Idle ecosystem. Everyone in the DeFi space will have a clear idea of what the Leagues are working on and plan to work on.

By sharing our learnings and achievements, we would love to play our part in helping people fulfill their dreams and start a DAO or grow an existing DAO more effectively.

After almost one year since the Idle Governance (DAO) launch, we witnessed great community participation with many proposals coming from the forum and getting implemented as IIPs. With this engagement, we felt the need to have our community more involved in the definition of the future steps for the Idle protocol and ecosystem.

In particular, we wanted to convey:

  • what were the recurrent updates
  • what were the next priorities
  • what was handled at that moment
  • what Leagues had in mind to take care of in the future

Accordingly, we published the first Idle Community roadmap. Later on, though, we realized that the community was asking to have a clearer view of the work in progress. Therefore, drawing on the experience and feedback of some members, we decided to create an updated version of the roadmap, improving some aspects of the old one.

Openness and transparency are key factors for a DAO roadmap, in our case, these are bringing several benefits at different levels:

  • for the Idle Leagues: the roadmap helps Leagues members to think more long term and be more deliberate about what we build
  • for the Idle Community: we want you to feel more closely connected to the features we are building, how they will all work, what they could do to enhance your DeFi experience. Also, the community would be able to tell us if we are off track;
  • for our competitors: they could see what Idle is working on and might fill the need to build a similar feature. For us, it is not a zero-sum game, after all. There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to be successful! All in all, we think this could raise the bar for all of us, and challenge Idle to build the best, most valuable features possible;
  • for the DeFi community at large: by building in the open, some of the challenges our community is facing could be addressed more quickly.

The roadmap will be divided into five sections; each has a precise order in which the initiatives must be moved on. Initiatives can be divided into three categories: community, ecosystem development, and protocol R&D. The scheme below explains how to read each column:

We want to build the future of Idle protocol together. Idle holders, contributors, community: you are the engine that drives the DAO forward.

Be a key player in the future of DAO: if you want to suggest a new initiative for the roadmap, join the official governance forum and propose it by creating a new discussion post.

Join our Discord to actively discuss every future step of the Idle DAO:

Are you feeling inspired and wanting to contribute to the growth of the Idle ecosystem? Join the Idle Grant Program and receive mentorship and economic support (with up to $15k grant issued directly by Treasury League) to build and complete your project.



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