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Tranches Battle: choose the next assets for PYTs!

Get your $IDLE ready, it’s contest time!

Idle Leagues designed a listing tournament for $IDLE holders to select the next assets that will be integrated into Idle PYT, using Convex as the underlying yield source.

All the assets listed on Convex will be eligible for the integration, and 5 winners will be selected through playoff & final rounds!

This initiative aims to expand the current PYTs suite with 5 new products, allowing users to choose their preferred yield exposure among a wider range of strategies.

How it works

There are currently 63 assets listed on Convex. Excluding MIM and FRAX, as their tranches are already live, there are 61 assets potentially listed on Idle via Convex PYT.

Pools are divided into 3 snapshots, each with 20 assets → 60 (+1) potential integrations. The initial phase represents the playoff, where the top5 most voted assets for each snapshot will be elected to go to the grand final. At the end of the playoff season, token holders will select 15 assets.

Then, the top5 most voted assets during the finals (out of 15 candidates) will win the contest and get their Perpetual Yield Tranches live and running.

Snapshot criteria

Each snapshot will list 10 Convex assets from the highest to lowest TVL and 10 starting from the bottom, from lowest to highest TVL. In this way, we avoid having only top pools concentrated in one snapshot, generating more heterogeneous lists.

Assets are ranked according to the TVL displayed by Convex on January 13th 2022.

Both $IDLE token holders and $stkIDLE holders (community members that staked their $IDLE) will be able to vote these snapshots. Poll results will be the combination of $IDLE + $stkIDLE votes, using our approved calculator.


  • January 20th: contest kickoff
  • January 20th to January 27th: Playoffs
  • January 27th to February 3rd: finals

During the playoffs, all three snapshots will be live at the same time, ending after one week of voting phase.

The estimated Mainnet release will be approximately 2–3 weeks after the winners’ announcement.

Benefits for winning communities

The product provides an additional gateway to provide liquidity into Curve and Convex, reducing slippage and improving the resilience against asset fluctuation.

With Perpetual Yield Tranches, LPs can earn a higher share of yield by taking a higher percentage of risk (with Junior Tranche), or they can hedge the risk by depositing their assets into a built-in protected tranche (with Senior Tranche).

Furthermore, PYTs represent a composable lego piece, enabling other protocols to unlock on-top use cases.

For example, several Senior PYTs are now competing to get listed on APWine.
APWine allows users to speculate on the evolution of the generated yield. With Senior PYT listed on this protocol, you can hedge your risk on your passive revenue and sell unrealized gains, or trade the underlying asset to have full exposure on future yields.

At the same time, there would be 2 new on-top gateways to onboard additional liquidity into the listed asset.

Foster a D2D collaboration with Idle DAO

If you are involved in a DAO featured here as one of the listed tokens, you can increase the chances to get your pool voted by illustrating to our community (in our governance forum) how Idle DAO can benefit by listing your asset.

Eventual DAO2DAO proposals will be examined in depth by Idle Leagues and DAO!



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