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I Am Quitting My Job and Opening a Restaurant

Yung In Chae
Feb 22 · 2 min read
Art by Sarah Scullin, Adapted from “Live Music Tonight” by Tony Webster

Archē Kakōn

Prometheus’ liver pâté on buttered pain de Déméter with a pickle garnish

Soup “Thyestes”

Deconstructed heirloom tomato soup with tantalizing chunks of free-range Pelops shoulder, served with a plate of seasonal fruits that you may look at but, if you try to eat, our servers will pull away from you

Those who wish to have a child-sized portion should ask for the “Tereus” version

Mythical Pad Thai

Medusa hair pasta stir-fried with Leda’s eggs, meat from the jowls of Circe’s pigs, and firm tofu, flavored with garum and the heat of Medea’s anger

Steak “Buphonia”

Ancient grain-crusted smoked ox served with prayers in a glaze of entrails


Pythagoras Special

Either something more delicious than the meat option or absolute crap (V)

Lotophagus Salad

Lotus flowers drizzled with Athena’s finest olive oil and speckled with herbed herbs

Warning: you may start feeling sleepy after this course, but that is totally normal!

Dessert of the Gods

Pomegranate mousse topped with exactly six seeds, drops of ambrosia and nectar, three slices of golden apple, and rosy ladyfingers

Wine Selection

Sea-Dark Wine (8–7th Century BC)

Lofty ambition aromas and hypermasculine essences with a smoky epic finish

Dionysus’ Tears (405 BC)

Earthy overtones meet a fruit-forward bouquet, full-bodied on the palate with notes of revenge

Yung In Chae charges only $300 a head for this six-course dinner, a paltry $50 per course.

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idle musings

a blog by the editors of EIDOLON