Classicist Gift Guide

For That Special Classicist in Your Life

Harry Bates, “Pandora” (1891)

’Twas the night before Christmas, and you still had not gotten a gift for that nerdy, neurotic, but nevertheless lovable classicist in your life. Don’t let that happen! Luckily, the Eidolon editorial team is here with suggestions of all price ranges — so that you don’t have to resort to buying her another Loeb.

The Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed High School or Undergraduate Student

Les Belles Lettres Tote Bag
(€5; amount in USD depends on the day)


I (Yung In Chae) love my tote bag with the Belles Lettres (Collection Budé) logo, which any classicist who has used the “red and yellows” will recognize. I’ve gifted it myself a couple of times and the recipients have consistently pretended to be pleased. If you’re feeling generous, you can throw in this brooch (€10) as well. Plus they’re from Paris, so you can brag about that.

Roman Rubber Duck
(£4.99; £4.49 for members of the British Museum)

Because bath time can get quite lonely. (Alternatively from the British Museum, a catapult pencil sharpener for £2.99/£2.69 or this Discobulos bronze replica for a mere £2500/£2250!)

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober” Pencils

“It’s like they know us.”

Our mantra here at Eidolon. Just kidding! I’m totally just kidding. Ahem, anyway, here’s someone who tried that out for a week.

Greek Key Nail Tattoos

So that your nails look beautiful at the library and when you hand in that brilliant paper.

All of the Odyssey on a T-Shirt

Or the Iliad, or the Aeneid. If your classicist is feeling the weight (lol) of real books, but doesn’t want to stoop to a Kindle, she may love having Homer in an accessible and portable format! (Now that you mention it, a Kindle for $79.99 wouldn’t be a bad gift either.)

The Serious and Somber Graduate Student or Professional

Star Wars Ancient Greek Statue

“I love you.” “I know.” “But not enough to get you this statue.”

When just being nerdy about classical antiquity isn’t enough. If you don’t care enough about your classicist to get her the real thing (*sniff*), here are the prints (65–120€).

Ancient Greek Sandals “Ikaria”

If you’re ever in Athens, stop by the Poet Sandal-Maker and join basically the entirety of the Paideia Institute’s staff in obtaining one of his sandals. But he doesn’t sell anything online, so if you can’t make it to Greece, try this product of capitalism and globalization instead!

Actual Garum

Because why not?

Sally Grainger’s Cooking Apicius

Actual Roman recipes to go with the garum.

The Devil’s Edge Kopis

Suggested to me by an anonymous murderous friend of mine. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

Roman Empress Coin Earrings
($50; $45 for members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

You don’t have to know a damn thing about numismatics to appreciate these babies.

Hellenistic Amphora Patterns Scarf
($65; $58.50 for members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

According to Tori Lee, sometimes you just want to WEAR an amphora.

Homer and Aristotle Bookends

What’s better than a couple of dead white guys on your desk? I can’t think of anything.

Wes Anderson’s Rushmore Mug

I saved Latin. What did you ever do?”

Latin Scrabble

Nunc est ludendum!

The Committed and Curious Amateur or Anyone Else

HBO’s Rome DVD Box Set

Sex and violence. Need I say more?

Plush William
($14.95; $13.45 for members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

I never leave the Met without paying a visit to this cheeky little bastard.

Christopher Behr’s Carne

The latest book from the Rome Sustainable Food Project.

Piranesi Print

Two words.

HABA Roman Coliseum Wooden Architectural Building Blocks

Alternatively, the Roman Arch set ($39.99).

The Classicist Who Secretly Wants to Be Gwyneth Paltrow

Olympia Le-Tan Felt Patch Book Clutch

Can somebody buy this for Donna Zuckerberg? She’s been so good this year.

Distressed Ionic Capital Coffee Table
($2395 regular; $1796 member)

It’s expensive to look weathered.

Gold Greek-Key Link Necklace

Sarah Scullin: A girl can dream.

Christian Louboutin “Mercura Wing” Bootie

When you want to look like Hermes, but travel at a fraction of his speed.

A First Edition of the Iliad
($1 at a garage sale)

JLo has one.

Happy Holidays!

Yung In Chae is a serious and somber graduate student who doesn’t own that Wes Anderson mug *hint hint*