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Eidolon Crafting Special

Nov 12 · 6 min read

When we asked our readers to share classical crafts they’ve made to feature in an Eidolon Crafting Special, we never could have expected such a huge turnout! We’ve compiled creative pieces from our tight-knit (pun intended) community in a series of posts. In this post, we highlight fiber works; photos and blurbs feature here, along with links to the full texts of artists’ descriptions. We hope these inspire others to go out and create some classical masterpieces of their own!

Know Thyself Hooked Rug, by Grant Hussong

Crocheted Cerberus, Cupid & Psyche, by Regine May

Antigone Mice by Harry Derbyshire

Minimus the Mouse by Helen Forte

Medusa Hair by Judith Richter

Loeb Dress by Cecily Bateman

Knitting by Molly Jones-Lewis

Poseidon sweater (with inspiration from the Warrior Vase), tallit inspired by ceiling fresco from the Jewish Catacombs at Vigna Randanini,

Weaving by Erin Briggs

Polychrome Pants by Molly Hutt

Archer from the western pediment of the Temple of Aphaia on Aigina (Wikimedia Commons), detail of fabric, leggings
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idle musings

a blog by the editors of EIDOLON

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