The Life-Changing Magic of Xenopun

Photo taken by P. Vasiliadis, “Wall painting at a house depicting Socrates” (2007)

If we haven’t bragged about it to you yet, yesterday Johanna Hanink and I had an article in the New York Times (!!!) on what Marie Kondo and Xenophon tell us about each other; KonMari and PhonMari, as we called it. (Get it trending: #PhonMari.) But what we left out was that “PhonMari” was just the tip of the punberg. So as a bonus, here are the Xenopuns that almost made it in…before our sense of propriety got the better of us.

(Also, read our article.)

Xenopuns That Didn’t Make the Cut

Having Phon
You’re a Phony
Isn’t this Phonny?
Spelled Phonetically
Phondue Party
Phonorary Degree
Talking on the Phon
No Phondlers
Phongible Commodity
Main Phonction
Research Phonding
Phondest Memories
The Phonz
Phonzi Scheme
The Phondamentals
Foot Phongus

Yung In Chae has published an op-ed with the New York Times.

Johanna Hanink has written about reality TV for the New York Times.