Things I’ve Said as Both an Editor and a Woman

Vittorio Matteo Corcos, “Dreams” (1896)

“It would be easier to just do this myself”

“This isn’t that bad when you compare it to really bad stuff”

“95% of my time is spent trying to find nice ways to say things”

“What is your point?”

“Wow, for something with a lot of promise this ended up being really disappointing”

“How can I reject this person without them feeling like I owe them something in return?”


“I’d like to invite you to walk that back”

“What are you hoping to accomplish?”

“It’ll turn out fine, I just need to trick them into thinking it was their idea”


“Too many words, not enough substance”

“Thanks for all your hard work, I really appreciate it”

“Thank you for your interest but this doesn’t meet our needs at this time”

“Can you clean this up?”

“I don’t need any credit, I just want this to succeed”

Sarah Scullin is an authority on both editing and woman-ing. She is Managing Editor for Eidolon Classics Journal and no, she will not hop on a call with you.