Veteres Famae

Theodor Kittelsen, Trolløye. 1891.

Anonymous: Anyone hear about aediles for this year yet?

Reply to Anonymous: Also looking for news on the aedileship!! I feel like it usually doesn’t take this long??

Reply to Anonymous: Heard from a reliable source that it’s already been settled….

Reply to Anonymous: Any details on the source? Are you sure it’s legit?

Reply to Anonymous: I heard through the grapevine that the aedileship is going to a certain junior member of a particularly-well known family from Bithynia who has recently come of age. Not surprising, given the family’s political history and connections.

Reply to Anonymous: UGH. It’s really unfair to all the other hopefuls that the aediles continue to come from the same families. I know I shouldn’t be holding my breath anymore, but every year there’s a little glimmer of hope that I could be picked. I have a stellar military record, lots of public service, tons of virtus… basically all the qualifications. It’s really a crapshoot if you don’t come from the top gens.

Reply to Anonymous: The post above referencing someone from a Bithynian family comes a bit too close to identifying a junior member of society…. @Servius can you remove?

Fabius: Oh come on, it doesn’t give anyone’s name, that blurb could describe any number of young patricians.



VirtusHonoris: I definitely sympathize with the plight of everyone above, but to be honest, there’s a reason that certain elite families continue to generate the most quaestors, tribunes, etc. If you’re a Metellus, a Manlius, a Julius, a Papirius (maaaaybe a Postumius, depending on which position you’re vying for), people just know they can expect a certain level of preparation and intelligence. The upbringing is simply superior to that of other gentes. I don’t see anything wrong with the best positions going to the people who are best trained for the job, and those people are consistently coming out of clans like the Papirii.

Anonymous: I can also vouch for the aedile already being chosen for this year, it’s written in graffiti in the Forum.

Reply to VirtusHonoris: Dude. It’s people like you who are the problem. This sort of elitism is the reason for the decline of Rome. How is the city going to be sustainable in the future if we’re only looking to the same elite families for leadership? We need to incorporate new families, plebeians, foreigners, yes even a NOVUS HOMO into the government in order to keep this thing afloat. Let’s not forget that having a diversity of perspectives is important as we try to create new alliances and trade partnerships.

Reply to VirtusHonoris: Seriously. Just shut the fuck up.

Reply to VirtusHonoris: Looks like we found the Cato supporter….

PatriciusOptimus: VirtusHonoris is right. All these SJV snowflakes are running around complaining we need to diversify the Senate. The Senate has plenty of plebs in it — and I know they only got their jobs because they’re plebs. As a patrician, I personally feel discriminated against. I don’t get offered Senate seats just because I’m poor. I had to pull myself up by my sandal straps and work hard to earn my villa. Now there’s all these extremist populares rambling nonsense about how they hate Rome and we shouldn’t listen to Cicero. Especially one certain femina with the famous brother — she and her crowd of Magna Mater devotees are the problem. I like women. I have a wife, and a sister, and three daughters. But I’d never call myself a worshipper of Magna Mater. And what’s so bad about Cicero?

Anonymous: SJV?

Reply to Anonymous: [in] Senatum Justum Vulgus

Reply to PatriciusOptimus: Patrician fragility at its finest…

NovaFemina: Hi all, new to this whole thing, so this might be a silly question, but does it strike anyone else as odd that they explicitly want a trib pleb this year who will focus mainly on the grain dole? It seems oddly specific. Maybe I’m totally off and this is actually common, so forgive me if I come across as a noob.

Reply to NovaFemina: No, this isn’t remarkably specific. Welcome to the cursus honorum!

Anonymous: I heard rumors of another adoption by the Julii?

TristisTristis: Just wanted to share a perspective from a veteran: I’ve been trying to break into the cursus for over a decade now. I’ve been on multiple military campaigns, dined at countless patrons’ homes, lent money to everyone and his paterfamilias… A few times, I’ve gotten people to agree to consider me for quaestor, only to have it fall apart at the last minute. Is it time for me to give up, move to the countryside, and settle down on a nice farm with some goats and a panpipe? If it were just me, I’d say give it another go, but I feel bad having to leave my wife at home alone with the kids when I’m on campaign, or keep moving from province to province where I’m stationed. The whole political system is rigged. There are too many contenders, too few jobs, and it’s destroying people’s futures.

Reply to TristisTristis: There’s no shame in leaving the cursus! Have you considered any alt-auc careers?

Reply to TristisTristis: Hey, could we please try to refrain from using the term “alt-auc”? There are many viable alternatives to a political career if someone chooses not to pursue auctoritas. Let’s value them in their own right.

RomeGoHome: I’m amazed there are still people trying to get involved in the political arena. What little cachet Rome still holds in the Mediterranean is quickly waning, and good riddance. For men from elite families to still be spouting bullshit about the city’s greatness is unethical and unconscionable. Please stop. There just shouldn’t be priests in this day and age remaining in the position for decades as a career. Go dig a ditch and contribute more to society.

Reply to RomeGoHome: What on earth are you talking about??

Reply to RomeGoHome: Yasssss…. Preach it!

Reply to RomeGoHome: To what bullshit do you refer?

FuturumEsse: I’m embarking on the cursus next year and am asking myself what the lifestyle differences are in taking the priesthood route vs. consul. I’ve only had experience in the former. Is it generally less stressful to hold a smaller priesthood? What really are the advantages of going the praetor/promagistrate route, especially if you could get a well-respected aedileship?

Reply to FuturumEsse: There’s too much variation in the magistracies to make a general statement about workload, stress, etc. My current post in Gaul has a low bar for actual combat, but very high expectations for strategy and diplomacy. It all depends on what you personally want. Do you mind messengers popping into your tent during the night to deliver messages about trade policy? Do you mind having dozens of sycophants grabbing at your toga all day, asking to do you favors? In any case, if you have truly no experience in governance, you are pretty unlikely to be chosen as a praetor.

SpesNostra: Someone just said the censorship has been filled? Do we think it’s a troll?

Reply to SpesNostra: Troooooolllll in the dungeon!

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