Bones • Jess & Matt

Some quality mobile phone chat in the bridge

Pictured: Jess & Matt, being Jess & Matt (pic via Jess & Matt)

Obligatory mention that you all ignored Nothing Matters and you’re all the poorer for it and if you haven’t heard it you should really go track that down.

Anyway, Jess & Matt. They’re back after almost a year in the wilderness, writing and recording songs for their first album of originals.

Remember that time they turned You’re The One That I Want from Grease into a dark, haunting ballad and everyone freaked the freak out and it went top 30 on the ARIA Charts? Or when they turned Jarryd James’ Do You Remember into a duet and just sang it directly into each other’s faces while the camera spun around them?

They’ve taken all the things they were doing right on X Factor in 2015 and built on it. The production on Bones is gorgeous — it’s that same vibe, but with some nice new production elements added in splashes.

I just can’t think of anyone else who is doing duets as well as Jess & Matt are, as consistently as Jess & Matt are right now. Sure, there are a lot of collabs out at the moment, and a lot of song with split male/female vocals, but actual duets are hard to come by, and Jess & Matt are doing them better than anyone you could care to name.

“Here’s my phone / I’ll unlock-it-lock-it-lock-it-lock-it for you / You got to know / I keep nothing nothing nothing nothing from you” should strike terror into every cheating boyfriend’s heart, too.

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