Hang Out With You • Mary Lambert

This is so sickeningly cute I can only type in emojis and key words

Mary Lambert.


I mean look at this.


🎶 Same Love 💞, then 🎤Secrets 🎧 total bop, 🎹 Jessie’s Girl 👩‍❤‍👩💖💔, and Ribcage is 💔🔥 .

But Hang Out With You is 😍⭐😇🍬🌹. Adorable. 💖😃 love 🌈☀🌈 omg omg omg 😚🎉 perfect human 🐕🌸 feelings 🐈🍭🐣 heart exploded 🌼🐢.

It’s so cute.

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