Here’s The Official Bios For The Current #xfactorau Top 12

Three of this lot will be off the show on Monday

top row: Timmy, Chynna, Davey, Isaiah, Amalia | bottom row: Brentwood, Montage, Time and Place, Natalie

Seven’s publicity department have sent out the bios and cast photos for each of the current top nine 2016 X Factor Australia contestants. It’s important because we get a glimpse into how each act is going to be sold to us, plotlines they might be involved in, and heartstrings they’ll try to tug on.

(This piece has updated to include the contestants Mel B has rescued.)

Let’s get into it then:

Guy’s Over 22s

Chynna Taylor (26)
Born and raised in Southern Texas, Chynna married an Australian navy pilot stationed in the USA and subsequently moved to Australia. The X Factor is a second chance for Chynna who secured a record deal in Nashville but within six months had lost it all.

So they’ll pitch Chynna as the Samantha Jade and/or Dami Im of the competition — you’ll remember both had been in a similar situation where they’d been given a recording contract and then lost it.

Davey Woder (34)
2016’s surprise package, Davey had never performed a cover song before stepping onto The X Factor stage. The eccentric tyre fitter from Logan in Queensland is a self-taught singer and guitar player, who won over the judges with his authenticity and originality.

He’ll come fifth.

Timmy Knowles (30)
A full time gigging singer, Timmy Knowles, divided the judges with his first audition of Zayn’s Pillowtalk. In 2014, the Melburnian was held hostage in London during a failed jewellery heist, spurring him on to do what made him happy; chase his musical dream.

That heist story will make it into his intro package in week one and then we’ll never hear of it again. That’s also because he’ll get booted in the first week.

Adam’s Under 22s

Amalia Foy (15)
With an audition that brought the judges to tears, Melbourne schoolgirl Amalia has dreamy, ethereal vocals far beyond her years. 2016’s youngest contestant is a super fan of The X Factor, having watched every episode of every season.

First of all, Amalia, the “every episode of every season” club is a good club to be in, good work. Dead giveaway with the mention of “ethereal vocals” — she’ll get the Bella Ferraro / Jiordan Tolli treatment, plus the “youngest of the competiton” gear Marlisa got.

Natalie Ong (15)
Born in Singapore and one of the biggest voices in the competition, Natalie moved to Melbourne at 2 years old so her family could provide a better life for her and her brother. A sign of her family’s devotion; her Grandmother even flew from her homeland to watch her audition.

Remember when all we heard about Marlisa was her supportive family? Anyway expect lots of cutaway shots to said supportive family.

Isaiah Firebrace (16)
Hailing from the small town of Moama, Isaiah almost didn’t make it through his audition due to forgetting his lyrics. However Isaiah’s soulful voice and original tone is what won mentor Adam over.

So he’ll get both the Louise Adams treatment (hi Mount Gambier! Let’s hit up Metro on Commercial St West, then head to the Library, etc) and also we’ll hear speculation about whether he’ll remember the lyrics or buckle under the pressure. He’ll probs be first to leave.

Iggy’s Groups

Isla, 29, and Finley Brentwood, 25, dub themselves “Australasia’s only strictly ginger brother/sister duo.” Hailing from New Zealand, the siblings have a strong following on their YouTube channel regularly covering popular tracks with their unique Brentwood spin.

Usually we boot family acts early on, but these two are actually good rather than the typical “adorable but a bit naff”, so who knows.

It’ll certainly mess with the end-of-season Homecoming Concerts if we have to send Iggy with them over to New Zealand.

AYA or whatever they’re called this week
Cat, 16, Vita and Calmel, both 18, had only been together a month prior to their first audition on The X Factor. A cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy landed themselves a standing ovation from all three judges, a testament to their talent.

Even the bio writers are struggling to find anything interesting to write about Montage. Their commentary during Three Chair was very funny though, so maybe they’ll be the good, sassy singers who people will warm to because of their personality. They’re certainly sassier than Brentwood. Plus they’ve changed their name a bunch so we’ll have at least one of the judges ask about “finding who you truly are”, as though X Factor is a Disney movie.

Time and Place
Sheldon, Sami, Matthew and Leon all auditioned as solo artists but ended up being cut by original mentor, Adam Lambert, in the acapella challenge. Iggy saw potential in their talent and suggested they join forces to form a boyband.

Speaking of personality, this lot seem devoid of it. The only fact presented about this lot is that they all got rejected and are now a group — there’s literally nothing else we know about them. We’ll hear lots of speculation about whether they’ll “gel” together and whether Adam was right (and let’s be honest, he probably was.)

We’ll let the claim that it was Iggy that saw potential in them when it was clearly the producers desperately needing to make up numbers slide.

They’ll get booted week one because everyone will connect with Brentwood and Montage.

Mel’s Rejects

Brooke, 21, younger sister Tayla and longtime friend Elishia, both 19, make up BEATZ; a high energy, all-singing, all-rapping, all-dancing girl group. Their signature colours of purple, yellow and pink are always incorporated into their stage performances and costumes.

First auditioning for The X Factor in 2014, they came back more polished and refined than ever, securing them a place in the Underdog category. Iggy agreed, stating: “your performance was cool, wasn’t cheesy, it was really polished”.

Obviously we’re going to hear all about how Iggy rejected them, plus they have to put up with the fake rivalry with AYA or Montage or Chai or whoever.

With a show stopping vocal ability, Iggy has dubbed this 16-year old from the Gold Coast “an absolute diva”. Already performing hits from Sam Smith, Sia and Queen in the lead up to the live shows, it’s not hard to see why.

Maddison will be no stranger to The X Factor viewers, making it all the way to Super Home Visits in London last year; she narrowly missed out on making it through to the live finals.

She’ll do alright, but she’ll have to deal with both the “she was rejected by Adam” thing and also the constant comparisons to Natalie.

This 17-year old from the Shire in Sydney’s south has spent the last number of years caring for his mother who was ill from cancer. Even though he left school to work full time and contribute financially to the household, music has never been far from his sights.

Vlado’s contemporary RnB voice and effortless performances really impressed the judges. Adam noted how “dope” his voice was, adding “you have swag but its natural swag, it’s not put on”.

I don’t have any opinions on Vlado because I don’t remember him from before the live shows and he was dull on Sunday. We’ll hear all about how he’s an Underdog, and how he’s really hot and all the ladies love him.

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