Iggy Azalea Joins X Factor Australia, Confirms That “Short Season” Theory

One blissful month of talent planned for November

A wild Iggy Azalea in her natural urban environment. (image: supplied)

Iggy Azalea, who is a rapper known for featuring on an Ariana Grande song, has been announced as joining the judging panel of X Factor Australia 2016.

She’s already tweeted some interesting things about the series, and has confirmed our earlier story that the 2016 season of X Factor Australia will be a short season:

Then fan Brad Scott, who is not the football coach, jumped in to congratulate Iggy:

THEN, idolthreat follower and all-round good egg Bree jumped in with the same questions we would have asked:

So, a quick recap of the things Iggy knows:

  • She’ll be here for a week at the end of June, and then about a month in November, so that’s when the audition rounds (if they’re even bothering with auditions) and Five Chair Challenge rounds will be filmed
  • That has bumped the release of her new album back, so don’t line up out the front of JB HiFi on June 24
  • The actual broadcast timeline of The X Factor appears to be five or six weeks, from mid-October to November
  • If it were longer than a month, Iggy would not have done the show, which confirms the rumour we heard that FremantleMedia and Seven were using “it won’t be for very long” as a bargaining tool
  • One month is perfect
  • Iggy doesn’t know the format

It certainly promises to be a wild season now we’ve got Iggy on board. Future judges are expected to be announced over the coming week or two.

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