Jess & Matt Debut As Radio Presenters, Discuss Bangers

Very high banger awareness here

Jess & Matt, the singers, made their debut as radio presenters this weekend on the KIIS Network’s Planet Oz.

Without a host to direct them, the show was just Jess & Matt, talking about Australian music, and also about their new album.


JESS: “So if you don’t know much about us, our name is Jess & Matt…”
MATT: “What a creative name we have!”
JESS: “I know, I know — we went on X Factor, and they said, you know, ‘what’s your duo name?’ and we thought, ‘ooh, we don’t actually have one!’ so we named ourselves Jess & Matt…”
MATT, IN THE BACKGROUND: “Gosh we’re creative.”

MATT: “We made a lot of friends on X Factor, but I don’t think we made as close a friends than with our boy Cyrus, who actually won, and we’ve been riding his coattails ever since…”
JESS: (laughs in background)
MATT: “… and this, the song he released off the back of the show, it’s been stuck in my head for months, and I love it…”

MATT: “You’re with Jess & Matt, we’re taking over Planet Oz, and playing lots of Australian bangers, and this is definitely a certified banger as well. We worked with our mentor a lot on X Factor a lot and learned a lot from him, Mr Guy Sebastian…”
JESS: “and this is definitely a certified banger, he released it last year, it’s called Black & Blue.”

JESS: “This next song is one of our favourite tunes, it’s one that we jump around — ”
MATT:It is a banger.
JESS:It’s a banger.
MATT:Certified banger. It’s from Illy and it’s featuring a girl that you may have heard a lot of lately, her name is Vera Blue, aka Celia Pavey, she is amazing, and she’s completely re-created herself, which is something we really aspire to and really uh, really respect… so, this song is called Papercuts.”

MATT: “We’ve written some music with DNA, you may have heard of them, they’re the ones behind the Eurovision smash hit, they won the award over there [the Marcel Bezençon Composer Award, which is voted on by the composers whose songs are featured in Eurovision for the best song of that year’s contest], they’ve written lots of bangers, and this next tune is a new one from Jess Mauboy called Risk It, and she’s gonna be starring in a series called Secret Daughter soon…”

MATT: “This next track is by LDRU — I think this is probably the hit of the year — if you haven’t had this one stuck in your head, you’ve been living under a rock, and his one’s called Keeping Score, it features Paige Eye-Vee, or Paige Four [ed: Paige IV]… that’s Roman numerals! We know about them now! I thought it was Paige Six the first time I read it…”
JESS: “We did stuff that up a couple of times.”
MATT: “We’ve actually been working with Paige IV, and writing some tunes — very talented — and her teaming up with LDRU just blew our minds.”

JESS: “Montaigne…”
MATT: “Love this girl.”
JESS: “She’s the type of singer where, y’know, she sings two notes and you know it’s her straight away. She’s very, very unique.”
MATT: “For sure. 100%. I think that’s what every artist aspires to be like, y’know, just full your own sound - you hear her, you know it’s her straight away.”

JESS: “We definitely locked ourselves away for six or so months, and definitely wanted to craft our sound, and we had a little electronic project before the show, and so this is Bones, and it’s a mixture of singer-songwriter with a bit of electronic…”
MATT: “It’s definitely different for us — I mean, we did an acoustic album, this has got more of an electronic base, as you said, and… hopefully, it’s the start of our new sound.”

So, a summary of interesting learnings from Jess & Matt:

  • Jess & Matt appreciate bangers
  • they’ve been working with Paige IV
  • they’ve been working with banger-aware DNA Songs
  • they called themselves Jess & Matt because their names are Jess & Matt
  • they locked themselves away to work on the new album
  • fans of Montaigne, Illy, Vera Blue, and LDRU
  • Bones is the beginning of their new sound