New Music Friday: 5 May 2017

Niall has absollutelly nailled it

Right. Let’s get to it.

  • Niall has finally done a good song. I can now pretend This Town never happened.
  • Stylesy’s song is not as good. God it’s weird saying a Niall song is better than a Harry song, but here we are.
  • Emily Vaughn was on last week’s New Music Friday US, but she’s in here because it’s a bloody good song. People will say it’s like Julia Michaels' Issues because that’s basically the only hit that sounds anything like this.
  • Side note: probs time for a new Julia Michaels song, isn’t it.
  • LANY, who my phone autocorrects to LANKY, have done a gorgeous song which is unlikely to be a hit.
  • Jonas Blue has a song that sounds like a Jonas Blue song but the world has moved on from Jonas Blue.
  • Halsey’s okay.
  • Sigrid, HAIM, and Ninajirachi have some good songs out this week too. Have a cookie, you lot.
  • And finally, to end on some good news, this is the last of Flume’s “companion tracks” from his album Skin.

idolthreat: the playlist is the best in pop music right now, as curated by Ti Butler on Spotify. You can follow it here if you like.

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