Someone On The X Factor UK Has Auditioned With A Very Good Original Song

Scherzo, Louis and Shazza end up crying

While the Aussie version of X Factor is forging ahead and making some exciting decisions to push the format into the future, Simon’s making The X Factor UK more like American Idol. They’ve ditched live auditions, bringing back the empty-room-style auditions in front of just the judges. They’ve put some blue in the background to make it feel more like Idol. And they’ve brought back Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, because apparently it’s 2004.

ANYWAY here’s this chap called Christian. He’s decided to sing a song he wrote about his brother, who died when he was younger.

Simon enables Empathy in his System Settings and asks if he wants to sing this song. Christian says he’s ready, and then goes for it.

Brace yourself.

Simon’s “hooo” at the end sums it up really.

He sounds like every male British guitar-wielding singer-songwriter of the past five years — Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Jamie Lawson, that other bloke — so he should do well.

Surely if he wins they’d let him release that as a single instead of whatever rubbish they have planned for the winner.

Well done, Christian.

Mad props to Tyla Hodgson for forwarding this on! If you see something good which is X Factor related, DM it to us via Twitter.

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