Swish Swish • Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj

It would appear Katy has “receipts”, “bish”

Katy Perry, noted pop singer and also sworn mortal enemy of Taylor Swift, has released what appears to be her “revenge song” released in retaliation for Swift’s Bad Blood.

How do we know this?

  1. The lyrics include such gems as “your game is tired / you should retire / you’re ‘bout cute as an old coupon expired.” POW!
  2. Nicki Minaj, who you forgot also has beef with Taylor Swift, has lyrics which include “don’t be tryin’ to double back / I already despise you / all that fake love you showin’ couldn’t even disguise you”. SLAM!
  3. Katy also mentions having receipts, suggesting that she has evidence of Swift’s general shiz-frickery. In fact, she’s made that the cover artwork of the whole affair: Katy’s hand literally holding receipts for tea labelled “Karma Coffee & Tea”. SUBTLE!

Julian has an excellent point though:

So that’s something to look forward to.

Anyway, the song has Duke Dumont on the buttons so it sounds super current. It makes use of the word “bish”. It also samples Fatboy Slim, and has Nicki Minaj rapping some words in the form of sentences, and also singing some words in the form of sentences.

Ruby Rose isn’t a fan.

Of course Ruby means Fatboy Slim rather than Funkagenda and the Funkagenda reference is more of a stab at Duke Dumont’s work on production but you get the idea.

idolthreat: the playlist is the best in pop music right now, as curated by Ti Butler on Spotify. This song will probably be on it for at least the next little while.

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