The Good Side • Troye Sivan

Which as you can see from the artwork is his left side

This post originally appeared on’s First Impressions.

I have a playlist on Spotify into which I put songs which, if The OC was still on air today, would end up on the official soundtrack CD. This song went straight there. In my head, it’s the season finale, and Seth and Summer are on the pier. This starts playing as Summer tells Seth she “can’t keep doing this” and properly dumps him, For Real This Time (except we all know they’ll get back together, don’t @ me). At about 2:07, after a bit of dialogue, they both fall silent, and we just get close-up shots of each of their faces as the song plays. Some really sparse dialogue. Summer just says “I’m sorry,”, and turns away heartbroken, and begins to walk at 2:24, and suddenly THE SONG BURSTS TO LIFE, and it hits Seth just what’s happened, and he goes to call after her, and she turns and looks back and then keeps walking. Then obviously we see a crushed Seth walking home alone while the vocoder bit plays. End scene.

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