Tilted • Christine and the Queens

I didn’t review the French bit because I couldn’t understand what it was saying

2016 has been a good year for songs being released months or years ago finally breaking through, and the most recent of these songs is Tilted by French performer Christine and the Queens.

(She’s doing, like, a cool Marina and the Diamonds thing with her name.)

If you’re struggling with the word salad lyrics, it’s because she wrote the song in English, translated it to French for the song’s release in France in 2014/15, where it was called Christine, and then re-translated it back to English in 2016, which she doesn’t speak natively.

She told Fader about translating her songs to English:

I really wanted some songs to be more immediate. I wanted the message to come across quickly. I translated “Tilted” and “Half Ladies” because those two songs are like statements for me. “Tilted” is about feeling out of place and making a pop song about, basically, depression. “Half Ladies” is about all those girls we don’t really see in magazines. Awkward, beautiful, flawed girls. These are ideas I want people to understand right away, because it feels like they’re really the core of my character.

Christine is fascinating already and I just want to hear more of her and her “character” of Christine.

It’s like that hot minute in 2005/06 when everyone went mad for Camille’s Ta Douleur except this is in English so we can kind of understand what it’s about.

The song is one of the most instantly catchy songs of the year. It’s a refreshing change from the sound of a lot of pop dominating the charts at the moment, and I think that works in its favour; it’s instantly memorable, and different, and a talking point.

She also went on Graham Norton’s show and recreated the video clip perfectly in front of everyone’s least favourite drunk uncle.

It’s the best thing that’s been on the show all year.

I’m looking at you, Jack Savoretti.

At the time of writing, it’s sitting at #68 on iTunes Australia.

You know what to do.

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