ID PASS wins the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon in Hong Kong

ID PASS won the Grand Prize of $100,000 USD in at the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon in Hong Kong on 10 June 2018, and got selected for the Grand Finale in December.

ID PASS aims to offer Self-Sovereign identity to over one billion people in the world who live with no officially recognized proof of identity. Without identification, these people have no access to Education, Justice, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, voting, and other services and benefits.

Official ID PASS pitch and win video by’s EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018 is, to date, the biggest blockchain hackathon ever organized in terms of prize money — $1.5 million USD over 5 events.

ID PASS confronted over 350 participants — in 90 teams — for 26 hours, all attempting to build innovative solutions based on Eosio infrastructure.

The ID PASS team demoed its solution that leverages the power of the EOS blockchain and biometrics to deliver Self-Sovereign Identity to the most vulnerable populations in a secure and privacy-respecting manner that can be used by any organization to deliver identification documents.

The jury that awarded ID PASS the Grand Prize included high profile technology and blockchain personalities such as Dr Jane Thomason, recipient of the Quantum Impact Award at United Nation’s Decade of Women, and Larry Sanger, Wikipedia co-founder.

Greg Martel, Jeremi Joslin, Loic BIstuer, Raman Shalupau and Paul Wehner at EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon HK

The ID PASS project was born within Newlogic, a software company based in Singapore, which was represented at the Hackathon by co-founders Loïc Bistuer, Jeremi Joslin and Greg Martel. They joined forces at the event with Paul Wehner, SOV co-founder, and Raman Shalupau, founder at Crypto Jobs List.

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