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Earning YFI

The first distribution pool is live, UI to follow in the next few days.

The first pool is for LPs who supply via

Earn YFI by providing liquidity to uses protocol as its profit switching.

Current AUM is $8m. LPs currently earn 10.57% interest in aggregate.

By providing liquidity you will also be earning $CRV as soon as it launches.

The distribution contracts were developed by and and have been used in their

The deployed contract;


To stake, simply approve the contract to stake your curve LP tokens;


After approval, call “stake’ with the amount you wish to stake, curve LP tokens are 18 decimals.

Those who have used the incentivized SNX pools will be familiar with this process.

YFI will allow the holders to make protocol decision on the iearn tokens, these include;

Details on how to claim protocol level rewards will follow.



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