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Introducing Yearn’s new bribe platform for Curve gauge voting

yBribe is a platform where vote-escrowed Curve (veCRV) holders can receive compensation from buyers interested in increasing CRV emissions to their Curve pool’s gauge.


yBribe pairs users looking to buy votes, with those looking to sell them.

APRs are listed for the current and upcoming period

Bribers can more efficiently target the entire veCRV market

Bribers can address larger segments of the market

Key benefits

yBribe is fully trustless, permissionless and non-custodial

  • A new UI makes it clear for veCRV holders to identify the best opportunities.
  • Convex votes are excluded from the system to make bribes more efficient.
  • Fully trustless design and 100% on-chain design.
  • Codebase is fully audited.

How to get started

Claiming a Bribe

  • Current APR: APR users can claim this week (if they haven’t already claimed)
  • Pending APR: The APR they will be able to claim next week (week in this case starts on Thursday)

Claim Period

Offering a Bribe

History and origins

yBribe is an evolution of the BribeV2 contract


  • What’s a bribe? In DeFi, incentives for voting are commonly referred to as ‘bribes’.
  • How does yBribe work under the hood? yBribe ‘holds’ bribe rewards and performs the calculations and distributions of those rewards. A user interacts with yBribe by claiming or offering a bribe. Voting occurs directly on Curve’s contracts.
  • Will I be able to convert my bribes into another token? No
  • What is the countdown timer on the main page? It is how long users have left to claim their rewards/bribes from the current period and get their vote in for the next period. It’s midnight Wednesday to Thursday (00:00 thursday) every week that the new round starts.
  • Can we claim on L2? No
  • Wen vICVX? Coming soon ;)
  • Will there be a bribe system for yCRV or veYFI? yBribe is a generic system that anyone can use. We are not planning on making a bribe system just for yCRV or veYFI at this time.
  • What is the 1% fee used for? To support continued development and new features.
  • What happens to the rewards I had in the old contract? Users with bribes still claimable in the legacy contract can still claim them.
  • What is veCRV anyways? Participating in Curve DAO governance requires that an account have a balance of vote-escrowed CRV (veCRV). veCRV is a non-standard ERC20 implementation and cannot be transferred. The only way to obtain veCRV is by locking CRV. The maximum lock time is four years. One CRV locked for four years provides an initial balance of one veCRV. These rewards are generated by the 0.04% swap fee that Curve charges on each trade. 50% of these fees go to users who add to the liquidity pools and 50% goes to users who hold veCRV.




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