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Meta Stablecoins available today

The above screenshot, is a very simple ERC20 transfer. A payment of 2000 yTokens were made. This is a stable coin payment of $2000.00

The amazing thing here, is what this actually represents. First, those 2000 tokens represent a part of the pool.

So from the above, you can see that 1850 yTokens, are worth 471 DAI + 477 USDC + 483 USDT + 417 TUSD. So already, these tokens are not simply a stable coin, but a hedged stable coin index.

But they aren’t just that, they are also fee accruing tokens. They are currently earning 25% APR

They are also a built in native trade pool, allowing shifts between the balance of the 4 tokens at any given time depending on the current market standings.

What’s more, the underlying USDT, USDC, DAI, and TUSD, aren’t just the assets themselves, but they are yTokens from, which means, each individual token is also yield optimized.

The underlying tokens are managed by highest yield and moved between,,,, and

At time of writing, they have an APY of;

DAI 11.23%, USDC 8.04%, USDT 13.43%, SUSD 11.79%, and TUSD 2.22%.

So with that 1 payment, the recipient not only received $2000.00 (which is stable and can’t suffer impermanent losses). But that $2000 is also worth 25% LP APR + 11.23% DAI + 8.04% USDC + 2.22% TUSD + 13.43% USDT. All indexed and weighted against each other based on the trade pool activity.

0 oracles. 0 admin keys. 100% decentralized. 100% self managed. Meta. And stable.



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