Yearn & Cream v2 merger

Andre Cronje
Published in
1 min readNov 26, 2020


Yearn and Cream developers have teamed up to launch Cream v2. The v2 launch will be focused on core lending and leverage products. Cream v2 enables earning yield with leverage, and is a launchpad for future Yearn & Cream collaborative lending products.

The addition of an in house money market for Yearn unlocks considerable new synergies for platform growth;


  • Cream & Yearn merge development resources
  • Cream & Yearn TVL increases
  • Yearn vault shares serve as collateral in Cream
  • Yearn vault strategies get access to leverage through Cream
  • Cream specializes in lending-related products
  • Cream becomes the launchpad for Stable Credit
  • Yearn & Cream launch a new 0 collateral protocol credit solution
  • Pair lending 🍨

New, low-fat CREAM

  • Cream Lending Protocol v2. A focused lending product with a shortlist of Blue Chip tokens accepted as collateral.
  • CREAM token. The existing CREAM token, emission, and supply remains as is.
  • CREAM governance. The existing governance process for CREAM remains as is.
  • Rotated CREAM multi-sig. CREAM multi-sig keys will be rotated to facilitate rapid iteration, testing, and deployment.