Yearn x ETHOnline Hackathon

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3 min readAug 27, 2022


There’s been a lot of excitement about AI recently. From Google’s ‘sentient’ LaMDA, to Dall-E pictures filling up CT… AI is making waves.

So, with our upcoming Hackathon with ETHGlobal’s ETHOline, we wondered if we even need to ask human’s to contribute? Maybe AI can figure out what the next big yield innovation looks like…

GPT-3 got off to a pretty good start, nailing the general premise of the hackathon itself.

However when we asked it for actual ideas on the next yield innovations, results were… mixed. It suggested everything from selling your dog’s kisses to strangers in the park for money (nfa, dyor) to a toilet based app designed to generate yield whilst you’re in the bathroom (a legitimate strategy according to some Yearn devs).

Despite AI’s best attempts, we decided that our money was better spent incentivizing the best and brightest human minds in DeFi to think of the next big yield innovation.

That’s why we’re sponsoring the ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline 2022 month long DeFi hackathon to give hackers the opportunity to build on Yearn.

Easier access to better yield is one of the most compelling DeFi use cases and in this era of sky high inflation and low yield trad-fi accounts, we believe now is the perfect time to push into new and compelling use-cases for Yearn integrations.


What: we’re inviting web3 devs to hack exciting, innovative and compelling new use-cases for Yearn integrations.

Why: because hacking is fun, because yield is awesome, because some of the best Yearn devs will be judging, oh… and there’s $10,000 in prizes (not to mention potential future grants for exceptional builders).

When: september 2nd — september 28th 2022.

For more information and to apply, visit the ETHOnline site.

Now, back to GPT-3 for a nice farewell message.

Thanks GPT-3, the humans have got it from here.