YFI rewards pool

Andre Cronje
Jul 17, 2020 · 1 min read

The yearn.finance ecosystem earns rewards. These include, but are not limited to;

  • yearn.finance interest
  • COMP from compound
  • CRV from curve.fi
  • curve.fi/y trading fees
  • ytrade.finance leverage fees and liquidation bonuses
  • yswap.exchange underlying system fees
  • yliquidate.finance liquidation bonuses
  • system dust (unassigned interest or fees)

These fees will be collected on a daily/weekly basis, and can be requested by the governance contract. Once claimed they are distributed to the vault contract. The vault contract normalizes the rewards to aDAI (Aave’s wrapped interest bearing DAI) via 1split.eth (1inch.exchange’s on-chain dex) and sends the funds to the rewards contract.

The rewards contract can be found at;


At any given point in time, YFI holders can claim their share of rewards by burning their YFI tokens. The amount redeemed is equivalent to the share being burned / total supply of the token. So if there is 1 aDAI in the conract, and 1 token, burning the 1 token will reward 1 aDAI.

It is the choice of the YFI holder when they wish to redeem. As the system AUM and usage grows, so does the fees, and respectively the rewards pool.

A UI will be released over the next few days.


yearn.finance defi made simple

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