Review: Sushita, Salamanca

Rating: 3/5

Price: $$ / $$$

Location: Salamanca, Calle de Miguel Angel 11

Service ☆ ☆ ☆

Food ☆ ☆ ☆

Drinks ☆ ☆

Situated next to IE University MM4, it is an eye-catching glass building, perfect for a relaxed dinner after visiting Casa Sorolla, or after a long uni day. Upon entering, the furniture, characterized by tropical plants and Portuguese majolica details, will create the perfect atmosphere for a cheerful lunch or dinner. Although you cannot expect the drinks to be anywhere close to good — and I would encourage the restaurant to hire proper bartenders — the food is constituted by a fusion of Japan’s most popular dishes among Europeans, and international, South American cuisines. How do these mesh together? Among the most peculiar dishes, their menu offers Ceviche de Lubina (recommended), Bao Buns, Ramen Burgers (for hangover days), Kale Chips, Sushi Tacos, and Apple Crumbles.

You won’t book a table here if you’re looking for a good, traditional Japanese meal, but if you want to experience something different. If you’re familiar with Sushi Samba in London or Temakinho in Italy and Ibiza, you can expect something similar, especially in terms of vibe, yet not the same quality.

What we tried yesterday for dinner were:

  • Tempura de Gambas: definitely not the classic version of it, served with mayonnaise and soy sauce (recommended if not on a diet) — very tasty!
  • Wakame Salad: a bit too much with the mayonnaise, we do not recommend ordering it; if you feel like a ‘green’ starter, opt for Edamame beans.
  • Rollo Spicy Tuna: filling and simple, one of the top 3 rolls on the menu — a must order.
  • Bao: good, but it’s not their specialty, you can definitely find better ones around Madrid (will let you know where soon)
  • Ramen Burger: not as tasty as expected and not at the same level as the ones in New York; Madrid has some catching up to do, but it’s on the right track
  • Rollo Langostinos: not recommended, how some of us defined it, is ‘funky’
  • California Special: the reason we keep on coming back, it has the perfect mixture of tastes and textures, with an outer crunchy shell
  • Nigiris: as stated above, Sushita is not the place to go for traditional Japanese dishes, so the Makis are what you should order if you go
  • Rollos Tartare: good.

We experienced some issues with the service, as the waiters didn’t even know what a Vodka Soda was, and they seemed extremely confused when we asked for some freshly squeezed lemon to add to the drinks. However, if you don’t mind not drinking, or if you’re fine with having a simple Gin Tonic, you will not have any issues and have the opportunity to choose among a variety of different Gins.

We definitely recommend booking a couple of days in advance for dinner, but if you don’t mind trying out the other franchises they have around Madrid, you might find a table more easily there (although there is no glass facade, which creates a fresh and modern environment).

Tempura de gambas and Wakame salad.
Rollos California, de Langostinos, Spicy Tuna, de Salmon.
Nigiris and Tartare Rolls
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