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After nearly burning down the house while trying to make a (frozen) pizza, Cris decided that cooking isn't his thing. So he concentrated on drinking instead. Wherever it's a gin and tonic with a twist at Macera or Juan's super secret sweet vodka at 1862 Dry Bar; Cris is an amateur of cocktail tasting and an expert in going out and finding new places.


For her, dining is an all-rounded experience. It is not only about eating and drinking, but the experience that comes with it; the atmosphere, surroundings and social connections are what make a great dining experience into an excellent one. For this reason, dining out is one of her hobbies, a pretest to explore Madrid and its surroundings.


Not very fan about cooking but a food lover. Always looking for easy-fast-delicious recipes so there’s no chance something gets burnt or hunger goes away. Also interested in trying new cool restaurants to show that reasonable prices aren’t at odds with quality.


Food is love. Bella has grown up in a family of foodies, travelling and exploring different cuisines from very young age. Quality and imagination is what makes the ultimate dining experience for her. She is also an avid cook and tries to recreate her favourite dishes from the restaurants visited, or experiments with new ones. A pinch of love is always the most important ingredient for the unforgettable taste of your dish.


“ If I don’t cook, I don’t eat, and I love to eat !”. This motto perfectly summarises his relationship with food. Over time, he learned not only to cook but to appreciate the beauty of mixing and twisting ingredients and use creativity to expand his cooking skills. As a guys who likes to stay at home and enjoy simple things, cooking skills were primordial to survive, especially living alone in a city abroad. Overall, food is good, and everybody loves good things in life!


Foodie with no cooking skills. Loves to travel and discover new foods and try new drinks. While at home hes always trying new recipes that are not time consuming.

Our first review will be coming soon from Rebecca! Stay tuned!

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