IELTS General Writing Task 2 — Practice Draft

Examine the arguments in favour of and against animal experiments, and come to a conclusion on this issue.

A Discussion and Opinion Essay
with A Funnel Approach Introduction

In this day and age, whether or not to use animals as guinea pigs is a touchy issue. In the past, when the use of animals in experiments was generally a commonplace, seldom had society rebelled against such practices. Yet today, seemingly due to an increasing awareness of animal welfare, the living conditions of laboratory animals have improved substantially. This is often cited as a justification for using animals in experiments.

Advocates of this point of view say that captive animals have far better lives in laboratories than they would possibly have had in the wild; it is a safe environment, they explain, providing food, comfort, and with highly qualified veterinarians ready to deal promptly with any unforeseen incidents. In other words, never before have animals had such five-star treatment as today in captivity.

On the flip side, animal welfare activists fiercely condemn such practices, for one simple yet powerful counter-argument: consciousness. Some research have shown, they claim, that most animals are as conscious as any human being, suffering from pain, fear, and even depression. What is more, some evidence have been found that some apes display a mental development similar to a 2-year-old child, they argue. That is, testing on such animals would be practically the same as testing on toddlers thus.

That animal testing is a highly controversial topic is evident. Ergo, albeit I acknowledge the validity of both arguments, yet admitting that the latter resonates far more with my ideals, I gloomy comprehend that animal testings, in some rare scenarios, are a necessary evil to date. In most cases, however, the fairest approach would be experimenting on human volunteers, all of whom are ultimately able to respond to their own choices.