Some neatly written examples of Noun Clauses

That is, a dependent clause that functions as a noun.

In the IELTS Writing Task 2 Band Descriptors,
the Grammatical Range and Accuracy necessary to Band 8, requires:
uses a wide range of structures

And Noun Clause are a necessary resource to accomplish this requirement.

Thus, I will try to gather here, for future references, some neatly written examples of Noun Clauses in action.

So, a Noun Claus can function as:

The Subject of the Verb

  • e.g.: There seems to be a consensus that technology plays a strategic role in modern society.
  • e.g.: What is often regarded a rather touchy issue is whether animals should be used as guinea pigs in scientific experiments.

The Complement of the Subject:

  • e.g.: Travelling overseas seemingly is the type of holiday that teenagers enjoy most.
  • e.g.: Renouncing any kind of meat is what vegetarian activists claim would not only reduce the amount of pollution across the world, but also be the most efficient approach to tackle world hunger.

The Object of the Verb

  • e.g.: Some consider that 21 is the most sensible minimum age to marry.
  • e.g.: It is often remarked that many puerile traits are completely lost in adulthood.

The Object of the Preposition

  • e.g.: Not surprisingly, students are often apprehensive and insecure about what to opt for their tertiary studies.
  • e.g.: Some social activists has been trying to foster awareness of how to improve children lives in developing world.

The Complement of the Adjective:

  • e.g.: Some politicians appear to be convinced that progressive taxation is by far the best approach to tackle social inequality.
  • e.g.: Climate change activists were deeply concerned that the disastrous effects caused by the current levels of pollution could no longer be reversed.

That’s it.

Should you have any other neatly written example, or in case I have made any mistake, please, let me know.

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