IELTS General Writing Task 2 — Practice Draft

Some people think that there are now too many cars on the roads and that they are spoiling our towns and cities. Do you agree or disagree?

A Discussion and Opinion Essay
with a Funnel Approach Introduction

Never before have cities held such massive number of vehicles. In the past, when cars were a privilege of the few, the number of private cars on the roads was relatively acceptable. Yet today, seemingly due to the steady growth of the economy allied with a considerable plummet in cars' prices, private vehicles have entered on the middle-class' radar, becoming a sign of independence and prosperity. These are often cited as some of the reasons for boosting the car industry more and more.

Advocates of this point of view insist that not only are cars a citizen’s right, but also they play a fundamental role in the economy. After the rampant sprawl of cities, private cars have become an essential need, they argue, allowing people to travel safely for long distances either for leisure or commuting. What is more, such a niche sustains a considerable number of jobs being essential for fueling cities' prosperity thus.

Although I acknowledge the validity of such arguments to some extent, it is my belief that it is outweighed by one simple yet powerful counter-argument; sustainability. On behalf of promoting the economy, private vehicles have taken over the cities, flooding the streets with chaotic traffic jams and become, in turn, one of the major catalysts of pollution in some metropolis. In some places the situation is tragic; from respiratory diseases to unbreathable air, the entire population ends up suffering the consequences.

That such enormous number of cars has become a pressing issue seems to be clear. Hence, albeit evident that only scientific research will be able to reveal accurately the impact for such phenomenon, I am convinced that to foster collective solutions, namely public transport, is the most reasonable method to address it.