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The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2016

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing & Trading

Black Algo Trading: Build Your Trading Robot

Hacking Financial Markets — 25 Tools For Trading & Investing

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2016

Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis: Complete Training

Options Trading Basics (3-Course Bundle)


An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Prof (中文版點這裡)

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in R

另外,給大家參考Udemy全世界最熱門的財經課程Top 10 ,Bitcoin比特幣的課程出奇的熱門

  1. Value Investing Bootcamp: How to Invest Wisely
  2. Dividend Investing: Build Your Portfolio for a Better Future
  3. The Complete Bitcoin Course: Get .01 Bitcoin In Your Wallet!
  4. Learn Accounting. Understand Business.
  5. Index Mutual Funds: Lower Cost-Risk & High Return Investing!
  6. Stock Trading Bootcamp: The Complete Stock Traders’ Program
  7. Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners
  8. Personal Financial Well-Being
  9. Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation
  10. How to Trade Binary Options Effectively — All Levels
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